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Soft cover デザイン:山田悠太朗
発行:flotsam books



整備されていない野湯にフォーカスされた山谷佑介の3年ぶりの写真集「ONSEN I」

「ONSEN I 」は、山谷佑介による温泉をテーマにした現在進行形のプロジェクトの新作です。

本書はflotsam booksが出版した初めての写真集です。
デザインはflotsam booksのロゴなどを手掛けた山田悠太朗の手によるもので、表紙は山田が実際に山谷の野湯行きに同行し、湧き出る温泉や硫黄を直接紙に写し取ることで生まれた模様をシルクスクリーンと特殊加工で忠実に再現しています。



flotsam books is pleased to announce the availability of "ONSEN I", a new photo book by photographer Yusuke Yamatani. This is the first publication by flotsam books and Yamatani's first book in three years.

"ONSEN I" is a project on the hot springs theme that is still ongoing by Yusuke Yamatani. The Unmaintained or hidden site hot springs are called "No-yu" or "Yatou" in Japanese. Yusuke Yamatani started photographs about 15 years ago and began the project of those hot spring hopping and taking pictures simultaneously, so his photographic journey continues today. He is gathering people who want to join, friends and family, sometimes through SNS and even zines. The communication of people around hot springs or waterside as central places are described in "Nihon Shoki(Chronicles of Japan) and "Manyoshu(Anthology of Myriad Leaves)", and as Yamatani continued to photograph at hot springs, he has become to listen primitive times which made him a view of imagining different planets beyond space. The practices related to the project are not limited to the act of photographing nature and human beings that exist unchanged over time, but can also be described as an attempt to recapture the human being and the world itself through the intervention of the body in the landscape as it is.

The cover is designed by Yutaro Yamada, who also created the logo for flotsam books, and made the patterns on the cover were faithfully reproduced by silkscreening and special processing, which were designed by directly capturing with Yamatani the gushing hot springs and sulfur on paper.


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